How Gratitude is going to make you a better developer

This is a follow up on a previous post, talking about how changing your habits can help you to fight depression and burnout as a developer. 

I have been trying to find my way back to what I consider "a good developer." It's something so subjective, yet it's easy to find one after just a few moments of speaking to them. 

How was I one before, but not now?
How do I get back to that place of "superiority?"
How should we go about judging ourselves?

I think a good place to start, is with gratitude

Gratitude is interesting. Studies show that it can help to combat feelings of envy and social comparison, which I think are at least tangentially related to feeling burnt out. 

I am going to start with some notes on how gratitude might help with your burnout, and then I will get into my plan to flex our gratitude. 

What does gratitude have to do with being a programmer?

Work often involves speaking to people.
How those people perceive you is highly dependent on how you see them. Showing gratitude by helping them out, or calling out their services will help to increase their self-esteem and their value of you. 
But more important is to silently recognize what they have done for you or your company.

Showing gratitude in this way can measurably counter the tendency to forget and downplay positive events, increasing your overall wellbeing and happiness with your work. 

How do I practice being gracious?

I think a good first step is to take time each morning to recognize your family and coworkers. Maybe even the weather, or your pets? Write it down daily, and spend time with it like you would a meditation session. It's okay if you forget to do it, just try to remember if someone does something amazing, and write it down. I have a feeling that it will greatly improve your short term output, or at least your wellbeing. 

If you follow through with this, please put your results in the comments below. I will do the same! 


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